Move to iOS is available for download on Android

by Kelvin

Move to iOS is now available for download on Google Play

After the presentation made by Apple in the WWDC, Google has already enabled the download of the application developed by the Californian firm Move to iOS in its application store for Android devicesGoogle Play It is an application that works as an assistant for the migration of users who want to move from Android to iOS without losing all the important information or carrying out cumbersome backup processes.

Move to iOS is an application of Apple designed specifically for Android, designed to quickly and easily transfer contacts, messages, videos, photographs, favorite links, email accounts and calendars. Now there will not be so many excuses for not finishing going to iOS, the Cupertino company facilitates the procedure.


Move to iOS is available for download on Android 4

Link Android applications on iOS

Another excellent function of Move to iOS is that of link the apps that we have installed on Android and download them, in case they have a version, on iOS. This way when you start using your iPhone you will have all the tools you used before and the most important information will not be lost.

The operation of Move to iOS uses a WiFi network to establish a private network between the devices involved in the transferIn this way, greater security and speed is achieved by carrying data from one device to another, without wasting time or personal data. The app does not have to depend on third parties, or even special apps for backups. Directly from Move to iOS we will have the necessary steps to transfer the most important information with a few clicks.

Download Move to iOS on Android

The Download the new Move to iOS application marks a key moment for the history of iOS and Android. This is the first application of Apple for Android and is designed exclusively for users to leave Google's operating system and switch to the Californian firm's own.

Move to iOS is available for download on Android 5

The description of the first app of Apple Inc. in Google Play Store is simple:

An application to automate the process of migrating content from your Android device to iOS.

It will not be necessary to save the data in another location before switching devices thanks to the assistant of Apple the cumbersome task of saving information and bringing it to the new device is facilitated exponentially. You will save time and headaches when you try to permanently migrate from Android to iOS to enjoy the advantages of the mobile operating system of Apple.

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