Movistar facilitates the data of its customers to favor the arrival of fines to its users 'pirates'

by Kelvin
Movistar facilitates the data of its customers to favor the arrival of fines to its users 'pirates'

A few years ago it was news that in the Basque Country at least 300 users of the local operator Euskaltel they received a threatening letter where they were motivated to pay € 475 for a supposed download of copyrighted content. In case they did not pay this compensation, the threat increased indicating that the problem would escalate through the judicial process. At present, not only Euskaltel users have received this letter, but now Movistar users They have begun to receive the same threat.

According David Maeztu, lawyer specializing in digital rights, who already has experience in the case thanks to what happened in the Basque Country (he was also behind saving all those responsible for Series Yonkis), has announced that Movistar has been the last operator that has provided the data of its users so that this persecution now expands throughout Spain.


On the other hand, the lawyer urges “do not pay and demand, the proceedings are granted but are not adjusted to law”, To which is added that the method used to identify the alleged offenders, connection IP, is not valid.

In the new letter received by a Movistar user, the user is told that has committed a copyright infringement and that if you do not want to go to trial, you are invited to make a payment of 400 euros "as compensation for the damage caused"

The cost of the infringement is broken down into 100 euros for allegedly illegally downloading a chapter of Ash Vs. Evil Dead, while the remaining 300 euros they are in concept of "investigation and claim expenses".

Now it's time to wait to see what happens with this lawsuit and all future lawsuits that come from the law firm LVCENTVM Legal, which acts as an intermediary to claim payment for the alleged violation of consuming copyrighted content illegally.

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