Movistar Home is updated with live radio, featured news and weather forecast

by Kelvin
Movistar Home is updated with live radio, featured news and weather forecast

Movistar Home is not a new device. The operator announced it at the beginning of 2018 and put it on sale in December of the same year with its virtual assistant Aura. This is a smart speaker that comes to replace the landline and allows you to consult details of the contract with Movistar, make video calls and control other devices, although it has just been updated with new features.

The company has announced that its speaker has received integration with iVoox to listen to the radio and with Twitter to know the most outstanding news, among other functions that we will detail below. The update should already be coming to the devices, so it's a matter of time before you receive it on your device.


The news that arrives at Movistar Home


As we said, the first news that comes to the Movistar speaker is the radio. It is possible thanks to the iIntegration with iVoox, one of the most popular platforms to upload podcasts and radio programs, if not the most. Radio stations will appear in the form of a carousel and can be selected using the touch screen. It is also possible to ask Aura with the voice saying, for example, "OK Aura, I want to listen to CanalSur Radio". Podcasts will also be included in the future., but at the moment only radio.

The second function is that of outstanding news. This baby of Twitter Moments, so we'll see the news that appears in the "Explore" section of Twitter. Thus, we can access the news that are generating conversation on the social network, sports, fun, culture and entertainment.

You can ask Aura to tell you the news or put a radio station using your voice

This functionality will be automatically displayed in cards Home Movistar Home and the content will change throughout the day. As with iVoox, the information will be arranged in a carousel that we can move by sliding with your finger. You can also access with the voice with the command "OK Aura, tell me the news".

Finally, Movistar Home can now inform you of the weather it will do in the next few hours and in later days with the "OK Aura, what time will it do" command. Also, Aura can now make calls to the police when the user needs it. To do this, just say "OK Aura, call the police."

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