Movistar + Lite gives 60 GB of mobile data for one year

by Kelvin
Movistar + Lite gives 60 GB of mobile data for one year

Movistar + Lite has been with us for some time now, configuring itself as an alternative for those who want to access part of the Movistar + content without hiring a television package with the company. The package includes a mobile line without data and free calls, although with 40 cents of call establishment, and it is precisely this that can be used to access the new promotion that the company has just launched: 60 GB of free data for one year.

As the company says in an email sent to customers, the promotion is only available to residential Movistar customers who have a mobile concession with data franchise. Likewise, 60 GB is distributed at a rate of 5 GB of monthly data, that is, 5 GB of data per month for 12 months.


How to activate the promotion


The mobile line included in Movistar + Lite is deactivated. It is the user who has to go to a Movistar store to activate it and request the SIM card. This is more or less what we must do to take advantage of the promotion. The company details the steps to follow in the mail, but we will explain them below:

  1. Activate the Movistar + Lite subscription in the customer area. Remember that it has a price of 8 euros per month and one month free trial.
  2. Go to a Movistar store.
  3. Activate the mobile line included in Movistar + Lite.
  4. When ready, call 223511.

By doing so, 5 GB of mobile data per month will be included in the line included with the OTT for the next 12 months (really, 364 days from activation) without obligation. There is some fine print that should be taken into account, such as The promotion is only valid for contracts between September 13 and 27, both included, and that is not valid for lines that have enjoyed the promotion. Nor is it contractible in stores or in 1004, nor is it compatible with Fusion Mini / Zero or Fusion 4G Fiber.

After the promotion period, the GB will stop arriving and the user you won't have to do anything, is simply not available. As we said before, Movistar + Lite is priced at 8 euros per month and includes # 0 and #Vamos, Movistar Series and Seriesmanía, as well as eight television channels.

More information | Movistar

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