MTG Arena ends its beta phase and will officially launch in late September

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Wizards Digital Games Studio has announced that MTG Arena will finally leave behind its beta phase to be a complete game starting September 26. The truth is that the game feels like it for months but the studio has wanted to take it easy, quite calmly.

Especially if we take into account that the game has been in beta for two years, however it did not become popular until a year ago when the beta phase opened for everyone and many streamers and YouTubers started uploading game content since the Fluency of the animations impressed many at the time, and they could play with their favorite cards in digital format.


MTG Arena ends its beta phase and will officially launch in late September 1

Natural evolution

And it is that MTG Arena is the logical step for most card games, Unfortunately you can not “transfer” your physical collection to a digital format but the great element in favor is that you can get rivals at any time and at any time, Matchmaking and 24-hour events is basically something we can't have with the format of physical cards in real life.

MTG Arena filled to offer this to Magic fans and it seems that the game is being a success, it is a free-to-play with micropayments but that allows you to get cards for free with internal resources of the game. You can download it right now by visiting this link, you can also see the collection of cards released so far on that website and you will be surprised to see what all the Magic cards are that, as you will guess, are many.

MTG Arena ends its beta phase and will officially launch in late September 2

The announcement has come without much surprise since the developers had mentioned on several occasions that the game would soon cease to be a beta, but it should be mentioned this announcement was made at the same time that they showed us a trailer of Throne of Eldraine, the new set of cards that will arrive at the same time to the physical and digital stores.

Here we leave the trailer of MTG Arena and its new set, everyone has reminded Shrek a bit. MTG Arena will officially launch on September 26.

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