Multify renews iPhone multitasking with iOS 8

by Kelvin
Multify renews iPhone multitasking with iOS 8 1

Revolutionize and get more out of iPhone multitasking with iOS 8 thanks to the Multify tweak

A new and interesting iPhone tweak with Jailbreak is about to arrive in Cydia that will renew iOS 8 multitasking. From the hand of John Corbett and Joel Einbinder comes the tweak Multify, a new trick that brings true multitasking for iOS in an easy-to-use and surprisingly stable format. Learn more about this tweak below.

Multify renews iPhone multitasking with iOS 8 2

Multify improves iPhone multitasking and allows you to use several apps at once on the same screen

Multify is an interesting tweak that is oriented towards multitasking allowing us to manage multiple applications on the screen at the same time. This is possible thanks, in large part, to the editing mode that this tweak includes, thus allowing us to adjust the size and location of applications on the fly. In fact, this will allow us to have two, three and up to four applications running simultaneously on the screen, as well as easily interacting with them.


One of the things that make this iPhone tweak with iOS 8 and Jailbreak more interesting is its simplicity. To perform all Multify multitasking tasks we will simply have to perform three gestures:

  • Activation gesture: invokes the Multify launcher.
  • Edit activation gesture: Change the size and relocate applications in the Multify view.
  • Gesture to activate open applications: Take the currently open application and place it in the Multify view.

Among the preferences of the tweak we can find different forms of customization, such as the possibility of changing the background color of the Multify interface and the style. We can also configure our favorite applications in the preferences and, of course, set the three gestures we want to use to activate this tweak.

Multify is ideal to quickly switch between applicationsIn fact, it is much faster than using multitasking on the iPhone and possibly faster than using multitasking gestures on the iPad.

As we have already said, the most interesting feature will be the possibility of managing applications through the Multify screen, and even being able to move and resize apps to be able to run several applications on the iPhone screen at once.

Download Multify for iPhone with iOS 8 and Jailbreak

Currently this tweak is not in Cydia, although it will arrive shortly, when Multify It can be downloaded directly from the BigBoss repository for $ 4.99, approximately € 4.61. To install it you will need to have an internet connection and have an iPhone with Jailbreak, if you have not already done so we recommend you take a look at our tutorial to do the Jailbreak to the iPhone through Mac and Windows.

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