Music Streaming: Apple Music now too Amazon Echo in Germany

by Kelvin
Musikstreaming: Apple Music nun auch auf Amazon Echo in Deutschland

Already in November 2018 had Amazon and Apple agreed Apple Music also on the echo speakers of Amazon In the middle of December, the function started in the USA. From today there is the possibility of music by Apple Music on an echo, also in Germany ready.

Around Apple To use music on an echo, the service must be linked in the Alexa app. To do this, follow the path in the app: Settings> Music> Connect New Service> Apple Music> Enable for use. Prerequisite for activating the AppleMusic Skills is an active subscription to Apple Music for this to be about AppleUser account can be linked to Alexa below. For this, the user must be with his Apple Login ID in the Alexa app.


Apple Music as an additional or standard music service

To after activation Apple Playing music on an echo speaker requires commands such as "Alexa"Alexa, play music by Lindsey Stirling Apple Music"Or"Alexa, play Beats-1 radio Apple Music"Be made. Provided Apple Music is set as the default music service in the Alexa app, can be set to the specification "on Apple Music"Will be waived in the requests, since Alexa always uses the default music service as the first. Only if explicitly another linked service such as Spotify is to be used, the user must then explicitly mention the service in his inquiries. Also Apple Music can be used for playback in multi-room speaker configurations. There are no specific restrictions here.

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German users had to wait 8 months

In the past months was Apple Music has already started on Amazon's Echo speakers in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, but it took 8 months to get to Germany.

Apple even with its own loudspeaker, the HomePod, it continues to be restrictive and only supports its own music service. Other services can only be streamed from a connected smartphone.

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