My Huawei is hung on the logo. Possible solutions.

by Kelvin
Reiniciando móvil Huawei


Huawei has become in recent years a reputed company that goes far beyond "a Chinese company that sells cheap phones." Now it is a brand with a certain international reputation, which is characterized by its wide range of mobile phones at very competitive prices. But, not for that reason, its terminals can be free of failures, being the most common that we are hung with the start logo. We tell you some tricks to solve it.


When we have any electronic device, we must be clear that problems can occur and not because of this we should become bitter but rather try to try different solutions for their arrangement. Therefore, before taking your mobile to a technical service because it stays on the start logo, we are going to tell you some possible options so you can try to solve it by yourself in a simple way.

My Huawei stays in logo How do I fix it?

Normally, if our mobile is locked on the home screen with logo, the most normal thing is that it is a software problem that for some reason has damaged our Android system. To be able to verify and solve it we will perform some of these actions.

Huawei logo mobile

Restart in "Safe Mode"

The first thing is to check that the problem is not because a recently installed application can cause the problem. To verify it, we must start the computer in "Safe Mode". To do this, with the phone off, we must turn it on and hold the power button until the Huawei logo appears. Then release the power button and press and hold the volume down button and keep it pressed until the device starts. Release it once you see "Safe Mode" in the lower left corner of the screen. If you can start the phone, the problem is in an application that you recently installed, so try to uninstall it. If in spite of this, the problem is not solved, we will have to go on to format and restart the operating system.

My Huawei is hung on the logo. Possible solutions. 2

Perform a Hard Resert

To format and restart our terminal we must enter the recovery mode. To do this, with the mobile off, we will turn it on by pressing the power button and the "Volume down" button at the same time, for about ten seconds. This way we should enter the Recovery mode, where a Menu will appear. Here we must use the volume up and down keys to scroll to the option wipe data / factory resert. Once we have placed ourselves on it, we enter using the lock key. At this time we will be asked if we are sure that we want to format the mobile phone losing all stored data. Click on «Yes all» to continue

Recovery mode on a mobile

Later, we will enter the main menu again where we will find the same options as at the beginning. Using the volume up and down keys we reach the option Reboot system now. Click on it and with this we will begin the process of formatting and re-installation of our operating system. Once finished, your Huawei mobile should have been able to reboot normally correctly.

If none of these options have helped you to solve the problem, it is because this is due to a hardware problem, so it will be essential that you go to an official technical service to fix it.

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