My PC does not detect mobile just load, discover the problem

by Kelvin

The cell phone is connected to the PC when we want, mainly, to import or export documents. Another function it has when connecting is to load. But there is a problem that happens frequently and it is that the PC does not detect mobile only load, and does not allow you to access its content. Here you will read the necessary information to solve the problem of your cell phone with the computer.

Reasons why your PC does not detect mobile only charges

One of the main reasons may be that the Android driver or driver is missing. It is the program that helps the computer to detect mobiles. The driver can be downloaded, just enter this link to know more.


When you install it, restart the computer and then connect the phone through the USB cable. If doing this still has trouble detecting it, Try changing the USB cable, the problem may be in it.

pc does not detect mobile just charging, usb cable can be the problem

Check the hardware

Hardware problems can cause malfunction between the cable, the USB port, the device with each other. It is usually common in old or damaged phones. To do this, check that everything is working correctly, that the mobile receives power by connecting it. Also, that the equipment you are using are in good condition.

Wrong mode

When the cell phone is connected to the computer, it instantly shows you different options such as:

  • Charge this device: this only allows your cell phone to charge the battery.
  • Transfer files: if you want to access the files on your cell phone, this is the option you must choose.
  • Transfer photos (PTP): option used only to manage your photos.

Check if by connecting it you are choosing the correct mode because you may have chosen the wrong one and so just load. Study very well why your PC does not detect mobile only load to find the right solution.

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