NASA saving Earth, Kill 30 without Google, iPhone 11 in Brazil, and + | TC # 16 Plant

by Kelvin

NASA saving Earth, Kill 30 without Google, iPhone 11 in Brazil, and + | TC # 16 Plant 10

The time has come for another edition of On-Call TC, where we split up the top news from last week so you can stay on top of all the important stuff in one place.

In this edition we see that the new iPhones have already been approved in Brazil, the launch of the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro, news from Galaxy S11, new features of WhatsApp, continuation of the soap opera involving Oi's purchase and even news from NASA that will save asteroid land and bonuses confirming that UFOs have been sighted in the United States.


Are you curious? So don't go out and see a summary of this news.

IPhone 11 family approved by Anatel

NASA saving Earth, Kill 30 without Google, iPhone 11 in Brazil, and + | TC # 16 Plant 11

If you're looking forward to the new iPhones, here's some good news: All models have already been Anatel approved. This means that the launch in Brazil is very close.

Just left now Apple set the date your new smartphones arrive here, and, most importantly, the amount that will be charged. Last year, the most expensive model arrived for absurd $ 9,999. Will we see the first cell phone break the $ 10,000 barrier?

For those interested in the iPhone 11, it hit the US market by $ 699, a value lower than the $ 749 that the Apple asked for the iPhone XR in its release. This may indicate that the news comes out for less than $ 5,000 around here. It will be?

The new iPhones come with a faster processor, bigger battery and night mode camera. For those hoping for more RAM, it wasn't this time. But the new device is reported to have 2 GB of dedicated camera memory in addition to the conventional 4 GB, but we will take a closer look at this in our review.

Galaxy S11 can copy iPhone 11 technology

NASA saving Earth, Kill 30 without Google, iPhone 11 in Brazil, and + | TC # 16 Plant 12

THE Galaxy Note 10 has barely arrived in Brazil and new information about the Galaxy S11. Samsung would be developing technology similar to Deep Fusion present in the new iPhones.

What does this technology do? It combines up to 9 photos into one with different exposure to capture every detail and reduce noise. It still uses the cell phone's neural processor to analyze the images by matching the best pixels of each and then building the perfect photo.

Did you get excited about the news? THE Galaxy S11 is due to be presented at MWC 2020 in February next year. By then we will have more information about this technology and others that will be present in the new top of the line Samsung.

Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro are released

NASA saving Earth, Kill 30 without Google, iPhone 11 in Brazil, and + | TC # 16 Plant 13

Last Thursday, Huawei officially announced its new smartphones top-of-the-line models Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro. They come with the latest Kirin 990 platform, being the first in the market to feature an integrated 5G modem.

The design is the same as the one we've seen in leaks before, with cameras grouped in a circular shape at the rear and a metallic rim around it that makes the look of taste quite dubious. It is impossible not to remember old models from Nokia and even from Motorola.

The cameras promise to debunk any other release of the year, and we'll see it soon in our review. The news starts from 799 euros for Mate 30 and reaches 2,095 euros for RS version.

The price is high, but the worst is that the news do not have Play Store or Google apps. And even if you try to install manually they have error. Would you pay it all in one phone to run out of essential Android features?

WhatsApp Status Sharing on Facebook

NASA saving Earth, Kill 30 without Google, iPhone 11 in Brazil, and + | TC # 16 Plant 14

WhatsApp has gained news this week. The first of these is a much awaited feature by users, which allows them to share their status on Facebook, making friends on both social networks have access to the same content without everyone having their phone number.

The news was present in beta for months, but finally began to be openly released for everyone. If you have not received it is good to check if you have the latest version of the application.

And for those using the beta, the latest update has made it possible to permanently hide status updates from a muted contact.

New interested in buying Oi

NASA saving Earth, Kill 30 without Google, iPhone 11 in Brazil, and + | TC # 16 Plant 15

The soap opera involving the possible sale of Oi continues. China Mobile, the world's largest operator would be interested in operating in Brazil in the future and has been in contact with Anatel to find out what requirements are required to operate in the country. Of course the operator has already looked at Hi.

If it were to acquire telecom, it would have a solid customer base, beautiful infrastructure and radio frequencies belonging to Oi. Earlier rumors suggest that Telefónica Spain would also be interested in buying Oi's assets, but the company denies that a proposal has been made.

As this soap opera continues, the operator began sales of Streaming Box this week, which brings Internet access to conventional TVs. The device runs Android TV and comes with popular apps like Netflix, YouTube and FOX +. The product costs $ 480 and can be found in carrier stores throughout Brazil.

NASA wants to save Earth from asteroids

NASA saving Earth, Kill 30 without Google, iPhone 11 in Brazil, and + | TC # 16 Plant 16

An asteroid has been passing relatively close to our planet, and while this does not pose an imminent risk to us, NASA and the European Space Agency want to take the opportunity to launch a new program called AIDA.

The mission is to send a ship to crash into the rocky body. This study aims to protect the planet from other asteroids that have a possible collision course with Earth. It's always good to be prepared for a possible catastrophe, don't you think? The mission is planned for July 2021.

Meanwhile, the US Navy has confirmed the authenticity of videos recently released by The New York Times that spot UFOs on Earth. The videos are old, one from 2004 and one from 2015 and show Navy aircraft encountering unknown flying objects. This is not to say that there are ETs roaming our planet, but there are strange things out there that deserve our attention.

Post office strike, manager arrested for cell phone theft

NASA saving Earth, Kill 30 without Google, iPhone 11 in Brazil, and + | TC # 16 Plant 17

And we close with a news that seems old: the postal strike. Since last week the state-owned company had been shut down and after initial negotiations decided to go back to work this week, but they are still on strike. This means that the operation is not yet 100%.

Post Office employees claim for salary readjustment and maintenance of benefits, such as having parents and dependents in the health plan. The partial stoppage must still continue until October 2 when the dispute will be judged by the Superior Labor Court.

Meanwhile, a scandal involving a manager at a post office in Rio de Janeiro this week revealed that various objects such as cell phones, clothes and electronics were being stolen. The Federal Police made the arrest, and seized more than 200 objects in the total amount of $ 400,000. The PF had already started operation against cargo theft of the Post Office in Rio de Janeiro and it seems that there is more burglary out there.

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