NBA 2K developers work in a racing game and open world

by Kelvin
NBA 2K developers work in a racing game and open world

In addition to being responsible for the successful franchise NBA 2K and collaborate with deliveries of WWE 2K, Visual Concepts has other projects in mind to expand its horizon and recently information was generated that accounts for what might come from this study.

According to a report of Wccftech, a user of ResetEra found some vacancies in the name of Visual Concepts in which it refers information about the new title they are working on, which would be car racing in an open world. In that sense, the vacancies indicate the search for a level designer who will participate in a "car racing game in an open world" and will be responsible for creating missions and events that relate to the particular conditions of each scenario.


Also, Visual Conepts is looking for a 3D artist who is responsible for polishing the visual elements to give them a realistic touch. Finally, the study seeks to have the experience of software engineer who is responsible for everything that has to do with mechanics and physics of vehicles.

So far there is no more information about this new project, but it seems that after participating in basketball and wrestling games, Visual Concepts is ready to tackle other types of games.

Stay informed, in LEVEL UP.


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