NBA 2K20, to the rhythm of Nach

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NBA 2K20, to the rhythm of Nach

NBA 2K20 is one of those titles that take care of everything in the smallest detail. The intention of 2K Sports is to perfectly recreate the NBA environment and not only to achieve the greatest realism in players. The fans, their songs, how each one sounds, the physics of the ball, the retransmissions … They study everything and work it to the fullest.

But they not only focus on the plane closest to the NBA, but they also seek to dazzle their fans with a large BSO that accompanies them on the menus. There are years in which each song has been chosen by some of the most recognized players on the sports scene, such as Lebron James. Others use the most prominent themes of that year. And sometimes they create totally new themes thanks to the collaboration with world-class artists. We will have a good example in this year's edition, where we will find a theme composed by Nach.

Nach composes a totally new theme for NBA 2K20

For this year's edition, 2K Sports has had the reference of rap in Spanish Nach. In collaboration with the developer, the renowned artist has created the theme "Welcome to Tomorrow", a totally new song designed for NBA 2K20.

Together with the announcement of this collaboration, the company has shared the Making off of the song. . In this video, which you can see under these lines, the Spanish rapper reviews the process of creating "Welcome to Tomorrow".

It's something that is done from someone who loves basketball for people who like rap and I loved basketball too.


The theme will be available in September on the different digital platforms and will be part of the dynamic soundtrack of NBA 2K20. The game will go on sale next September 6, 2019 and will include the WNBA for the first time.

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