Neato Botvac D6 and D4, analysis of these robot vacuum cleaners

by Kelvin
Neato Botvac D6 and D4, analysis of these robot vacuum cleaners

In my house the demotic reigns. Smart speakers with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. Smart bulbs that are controlled via mobile, Chromecast, smart doorbell, automatic locks and even vacuum cleaners. Vacuum robots have been in the market for some time now and entering many of our homes. In Android Perfect we have been able to try two of the Neato brand. Specific, the Neato Botvac D6 and Neato Botvac D4. These devices stand out for their capabilities and options. We tried them.

We will start by making a small comparison of both models. They are very similar, but have some notable differences. First, its price. The Neato Botvac D6 is the most expensive, with a starting price of 730 euros. In the case of Neato Botvac D4 its price is 530 euros. Based on the most complete versions. The most expensive model It offers more autonomy and has a rotating brush that helps collect dust and dirt from the corners. In addition to the possibility of creating different planes.


Botvac D6 and D4, features

  • Dimensions and weight: 33.6 cm x 31.9 cm x 10 cm, 3.40 Kg
  • Connectivity: Wifi, compatible with Neato app
  • Container Capacity: 0.7 liters
  • Drums: 120 minutes duration, full charge in 150 minutes / 70 minutes, 100 minutes charge
  • cleaning path: 30.48 cm / 27.58 cm
  • Options: cleaning modes, extra brush

In the design there are hardly any differences. Both robots have a round design on the back and flat on the front, which allows us to reach the corners without any problems. In the upper part stands a piece with low height. In the lower part there is the fan that allows to take out the air, while in the front area there is the bumper, which also has some buttons for switching on and off.

The cover to open the dust container and the waste collected by the vacuum cleaner is in the upper area in the two models. This means we don't have to turn the device around. To open it we just have to pull the lid and then remove the filter if we want to empty the container. At the top we also find the start button, which is used to start cleaning manually if we do not do it with the app. Also the indicators that will show us if the robot is battery powered, working or has a problem.

Yes, the dimensions are exactly the same for both models.

Initial setup

Both robots have the same configuration. Everything is done through the app, although we need to be close to the devices, since the first step is to turn them on and activate the pairing mode. Then, a few simple steps through the app and voila, the devices will connect to the network. An interesting setting is that we can add a name to each robot and configure more than one WI-FI network. In this way, if we move the device to another side of the house, we can always have it connected.

The base is placed next to a plug and is connected to the power. We will have to place the device in the base so that it is charged and detects what its ‘parking’ is.

Once configured we can use the robot, although the interesting thing is that it creates a map of our house to make cleaning much more comfortable. The option will appear on the main screen of the application and we will have to take our robot to the base to start examining it from there. Then proceed to do a deep cleaning and create a map of our home for the next cleanings. We can delimit this map by closing the doors or adding objects to prevent the robot from passing. Then, we can select if we want a flat or free cleaning. That is, the robot goes through all locations, regardless of restrictions.

Why can we create a map of our house? So the robot can know where it has to clean. In addition, we can select those areas where we do not want the robot to pass. For example, under a piece of furniture where you can get stuck, our pet's food or a step.

Neato's app

Neato's application is very complete. It has a very, very simple interface and very interesting settings. As I commented, we can scan our house so that afterwards it makes a cleaning click. It also allows us to carry out different configurations, such as deep, ecological or delicate cleaning modes. The app also tells us if the device is working correctly, if there is a new update or if the container needs to be emptied.

When the Neato D6 and D4 Finish the cleaning, the app will show us a map of the areas where the devices have vacuumed. It will also show us how many square meters you have collected and how long the cleaning has lasted.

And speaking of maps, robots can scan the surface to create a default map. In this map we can create límite limit points ’to prevent the robot from passing by. We will just have to click on the + in the lower area.

Browsing the app is very simple. If we have more than one robot connected, we can configure them from the button in the upper area. In that option we can also add a new robot. In the side menu we have several options.

  • My robot: It lets us see relevant information about the device. For example, if you are cleaning, if you have a battery or a software update. It also allows us to configure some options.
  • Robot programming: Here we can schedule a cleaning. That is, select what days and hours we want the robot to be activated manually to start cleaning.
  • My floor plan: Here we can see the default plan and add or remove the boundary lines.

The app also has an option of adjustments and assistance, where we can search for incidents through the web. You also have a direct access to the store to buy a spare or accessory.

The operation of Neato D4 and D6

We delve deeper into the operation of these devices and start with the most basic model of the two, the Neato Botvac D4. It may not seem as powerful as the other version, but its cleanliness is very good. The bottom brush is hard and manages to drag all dirt, even small dust mops. Yes, that extra brush that the D6 model has is missing. Especially for those complicated corners.

The container has a capacity of 0.7 liters. For a small house is not bad. In my case, and with a cleaning of about 80 square meters, I had to empty the container daily. Cleaning it is very simple, we just have to remove the cover, take out the filter and empty it. A negative point is that the filter flange is hard and in many cases you have to apply some force, which causes some dirt to go off.

In terms of performance, cleaning is fast, powerful and without any problem. You can vacuum all types of floors. Nor have I had problems with carpets or hard surfaces, such as carpet. The autonomy lasts around an hour, although sometimes it has arrived on time and 20 minutes of cleaning followed and the charge is done through the base in just over an hour minutes.

In the case of Neato Botvac D6, the results are similar. Yes I have noticed a greater cleaning power. Especially thanks to that rotating brush that helps collect dirt. In addition, the container is the same size, so it must also be emptied daily if the surface to be cleaned is quite wide. In the case of removing the filter to empty the container, it is much simpler, since it has a somewhat more practical tab. It also holds all types of soil. Its autonomy is more durable, about two hours and the charge in just over two hours.

Price and conclusions, which one is worth more?

We reach the final section of the analysis with the conclusions and the price of both devices.

In Amazon we can find the Neato D6 for a price of about 530 euros, while the Neato D4 is for about 445 euros.

Buy the Neato D6 here. | Buy the Neato D4 here.

Both devices are very good products. They have a lot of suction force, very interesting options in the application and proper operation and autonomy. Perhaps the most negative point of both models is the capacity of the container. Especially on large surfaces it is somewhat more limited. For which users is Neato D4 recommended? Especially for those users looking for a robot vacuum cleaner for small surfaces, such as a floor or a small house, without many furniture or carpets or corners. If the opposite is true, the best option is the Neato D6, as it has more suction power, more autonomy and the rotating brush. Of course, you should keep in mind that it has the same capacity as the most basic model.

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