Need for Speed ​​Heat will improve persecutions with the police

by Kelvin

Need for Speed ​​Heat will improve persecutions with the police. Since the first installment in 1994, Need for Speed ​​has been an arcade driving saga that has had several faces and different approaches. Its popularity peaked in the Most Wanted and Carbon era, but as with all long-lived sagas, repetition and fatigue end up making a dent. Something frequent in the saga are the police persecutions, although it happened more unnoticed in some deliveries, this was almost always the common denominator.

That is why developers they have decided to give everything on the issue of persecutions with the police. This is what the producer and design manager of Need for Speed ​​Heat tells us in an interview with the Twinfinite media. The police really shine during the night, because the persecutions increase thanks to the concept of Heat that is accumulating during that period of time. The more Heat (which would become "Heat") you accumulate, the more police will appear.


The development team worked based on what was built in Need for Speed ​​Payback, the previous installment and now the police will have Rhinos that will charge you as well as helicopters. The AI ​​has been improved in such a way that the player felt more intelligent by overcoming the challenges that the police could offer him. Regarding the way to get rid of them the game will offer two paths. You can simply surpass them and find a place to hide from them O well being aggressive using your environment as a weapon causing police officers to crash into other cars or obstacles.

«Need for Speed ​​Heat 4K Gameplay from Gamescom 2019»

Another important detail is that the heat level will not decrease throughout the night. This means that if you sneak out of the police and meet them again, this level does not start from scratch but resumes. This situation allows a rewarding system of risk / reward. After all, this heat level acts as a multiplier of the rewards you earn during the night, even if it only works when your vehicle is not caught or destroyed. As if that were not enough, we found different levels of police, each one of them would carry specific vehicles depending on their level.

Need for Speed ​​Heat will go on sale next November 8 and will be available on Xbox One.

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