Neffos C7 Lite, an affordable smartphone with interesting technical features

by Kelvin

Not everyone can spend a high amount of money on a new smartphone, but that is not inconvenient because there are phones with more modest prices such as, for example, the Neffos C7 Lite, a affordable smartphone that offers interesting technical specifications.

A high-end phone can easily exceed € 700, a price that many users are not willing to pay, but as there is such a wide market of smartphones, we can find smartphones with much cheaper costs.


It is true that different aspects can be sacrificed the more affordable the device is, but the vast majority of users do not need them because they simply look for a phone with which to use WhatsApp, browse social networks, run a game sporadically, etc.

The Neffos C7 Lite complies perfectly with those details, it is a smartphone whose most prominent and attractive feature is its price, also equipping a more than enough hardware for those who are looking to buy their first mobile without having their pocket hurt.

Image - Neffos C7 Lite, an affordable smartphone with interesting technical features

Neffos C7 Lite, technical sheet

In order that you can know in better detail the Neffos C7 Lite, it is convenient to detail one by one the technical characteristics of this smartphone, so we offer you below its technical sheet to have a look:

  1. Screen of 5.45 inches with resolution of 960 x 540 pixels.
  2. MediaTek MT6739WA processor.
  3. 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of expandable internal space.
  4. 8 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera.
  5. 2,200 mAh battery.

The Neffos C7 Lite offers some technical specifications rather than solvents for the public to whom the terminal is directed, a young audience or for those whose objective is to have a mobile for basic tasks (use of WhatsApp, Internet, social networks, etc.).

That a terminal is affordable and within reach of any pocket has not meant that such important elements as the 4G connectivity, or even the availability of a dual SIM card slot to be able to have 2 telephone lines operational.

Nor has he given up on headphone jack, a port that seems to be in danger of extinction, but that in the Neffos C7 Lite is present for the joy of those users who especially like to listen to music through their phone.

In addition, a mobile phone includes a screen saver, to keep the Neffos C7 Lite protected without buying it separately.

Image - Neffos C7 Lite, an affordable smartphone with interesting technical features

The screen of Neffos C7 Lite It is also an extremely important aspect; It has almost no frames on the sides and makes use of 2.5D glass in one almost 5.5 inch screen which allows you to enjoy any multimedia content.

We do not let your 8 megapixel main camera With HDR mode, burst, fast focus and other features that provide good quality images and videos. The front camera is not far behind and we have LED flash on a 5 megapixel lens.

Being such a cheap phone, design and audio have not been neglected; we have an elegant unibody body with a good grip and a high quality audio and high power which guarantees a clear and loud sound, both in the reproduction of music and in the making of calls.

The Neffos C7 Lite It is a fluid phone thanks to the presence of Android Go (8.1), a lightweight Android version specially designed for such devices, offering lighter apps and more space for the user.

There is no doubt that, if it is going to be your first foray into the Android world with a basic and affordable phone, the Neffos C7 Lite is a very important option.; accompanies a really low price and more than solvent features for the vast majority of users.

Purchase: Neffos C7 Lite

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