Negative Atmosphere is shown in a new and spooky trailer

by Kelvin

After the closure of Visceral Games it seems inevitable to have to forget about Dead space. But not for that reason the genre and the style that this classic left as inheritance should be forgotten so that other studies could take an example. Thus, the independent project of Negative Atmosphere has been known for a few months. A project developed by Sunscorched Studios and that continues in its line of development and self-financing without giving concrete details of its launch. What we do have are news from Negative Atmosphere, in the form of a spooky trailer.

Attending to the Patreon website dedicated to raising money from users for Negative Atmosphere, it has been possible to have access to a new and spooky trailer, which maintains that tension of Dead space and moves to this new and ambitious proposal.


But as we said, Negative Atmosphere It maintains a somewhat closed development line to confirm data on its launch, more in the field of platforms. It is not really known if Negative Atmosphere You will see the light on consoles, but everything indicates that given the follow-up that you have on the part of the community, you could do so. There are many users interested in Negative Atmosphere, and little by little it could add capital to promote its development in consoles.

In fact, through Twitter they have recorded that they are attending to the community's requests and directing the development of Negative Atmosphere towards a path that may be closer to what people are looking for. It is possible that in the next few weeks we will have news about this development, showing more about the game, even, attending to the need to clarify how they are taking the development towards its launch on different platforms.

There are several titles of the genre that are under development by independent studies and that seem to be under the same pressure. In many occasions, they gain time and money with an initial launch on PC and their subsequent conversion to consoles. Now, in the case of Negative Atmosphere We still don't have any data referring to this possibility. We will follow very closely what they confirm from Sunscorched Studios, which has several channels enabled such as Reddit, Discord, Youtube and Twitter, to attend the suggestions and requests of the community.

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