Netflix and Globo would have signed a supposed partnership to produce soap operas

by Kelvin
Netflix and Globo would have signed a supposed partnership to produce soap operas

Image: Netflix/Reproduction

The Brazilian audiovisual market received quite interesting news in 2020: Netflix would be interested in producing original soap operas for its streaming platform and, in a way, competing with the distribution of this type of content with Globoplay.

However, now, according to the portal information on the small screen, the streaming giant may be very close to fulfilling its wish. However, it seems that the first production would be negotiated in partnership with Rede Globo, with a financial contribution of US$ 50 million (approximately R$ 288 million).

Thus, this telenovela, still without any exposed content information, could become one of the most expensive ever made in Brazil. And that, somehow, just proves that Netflix has a huge interest in this particular niche market.


Netflix and Rede Globo: partnership could be on its way, says website

Still according to the on the small screen, negotiations between the two companies are at an advanced stage. Due to Globo’s streaming, Globoplay, both display windows would serve as the initial distribution of the content.

However, so far, both Netflix and Globo have not confirmed any type of action or project between the companies.

In the United States, the transmission would take place exclusively, considering that Globoplay is not a direct competitor in the country. Francisco Santos, vice president of content for the platform for Latin America, would be responsible for leading the production.

If the new content format is consolidated on Netflix, the expectation is that other soap operas will be produced directly in the sequence directly for streaming — thus increasing the competitiveness between companies and also the promotion of the audiovisual market.

It is worth remembering that, so far, Globoplay has not premiered any telenovela exclusive to its streaming service. However, it was previously announced that the continuation of secret truths will reach the platform first and then be shown on television, becoming the first in the segment.

Let’s wait for more news!