In the early hours of Sunday, September 22, the 71st edition of the Emmy Awards, ceremony that rewards the world of TV and is organized by several academies, including the Academy of Arts and Sciences of TV. The event had two main protagonists, two series that, each one of its kind, have come to mark a before and after on modern television. On the one hand what is already a thing of the past, HBO, which took home, among others, the statuette for the Best Dramatic Series; on the other, the sensation of the year, Fleabag, a rough and dark comedy that has received the paradoxes of criticism and won the award for Best Comedy Series.


What platform did the cat take to the water last night? Simple: it was HBO that undoubtedly treasured the highest number of awards with a total of seven. For its part, Netflix took home four statuettes and the third in discord by importance, Amazon Prime Video, was able to collect up to six statuettes, placing itself above the current queen of streaming platforms. This is the definitive ranking:

  • HBO – 7 awards
  • Amazon Prime Video – 6 awards
  • Netflix – 4 awards

The HBO series that have won an EMMY

Game of Thrones

A clear winner on the HBO payroll and a series that is already television history, after eight seasons of exponential success. The heroic fantasy of dragons, ultraviolence, palatial sex and intriguess ‘Game of Thrones’ managed to win the jackpot of the night, the Best Dramatic Series. With this award, the industry recognizes the importance of a drama that has taken a 180-degree turn to television fiction, becoming the mirror where everyone who aspires to make an ambitious series should look. In total, ‘Game of Thrones’ has taken home, as we said, the Best Drama Series award, as well as Best Actor for Peter Dinklage. It is not a very bulky number in quantity but in quality.


The other drama with which HBO has achieved greater benefits is Chernobyl, a miniseries that tells, in detail, extensive and with great detail (some of them manage to bring the series closer to the land of terror), the incident that took place on April 26, 1986 at a nuclear center in northern Ukraine. An accident whose consequences continue to be lived today, because due to the explosion noxious pollutants were expelled in an amount 500 times greater than that of the Hiroshima bomb.

Chernobyl won the most important awards in its category: Best Miniseries, Best Direction and Best Screenplay. One of the essential series of the year that helps to understand a little better one of the most tragic events in recent history.


One of the television comedies more fun and better made that we can see on television today. Barry is a hired killer, a former American soldier, who discovers, in the middle of one of his works in Los Angeles, that his true vocation is to be an actor. This event will disrupt his whole life, debating between what he is and what he would like to be, giving rise to tremendous misunderstandings that touch the purest surrealism. However, Barry has been one of the biggest losers of the night by taking home only one statuette, Best Actor for Bill Hader, being nominated for nine awards.

The succession

The Redstone family has as many millions as internal traumas. It has one of the largest communications companies in the world and the greatest motivation of family members is to remain as strong as ever, which will put family loyalty at stake, just at the moment when the patriarch begins to 'lose the head'. A 100% HBO drama, with great scenarios and dramatic intentions and with Shakespearean echoes. ‘The succession’ took home the important Best Screenplay award.

The series of Amazon Prime Video who have won an EMMY


The great sensation of television comedy in this 2019. The second season of 'Fleabag' has been the great success that this hurtful and caustic comedy created by the British Phoebe Waller-Bridge deserved, in which it gives rise to 'Fleabag', a problematic girl, plunged into a great Family and emotional crisis and marked by tragedy, but that does not lose humor at any time, breaking the 'fourth wall' and exchanging glances and speeches with the spectator himself. Best Comedy Series, Best Comedy Actress, Best Comedy Director and Best Comedy Screenplay.

The wonderful Mrs. Maisel

Being a woman in the late 50s should not be an easy task. Being a woman and wanting to go free without having to be maintained by a man something almost impossible. Being a woman, financially independent and, in addition, wanting to devote himself to comedy, a directly suicidal mission. That is what counts one of the best television dramas current who took home the award for Best Secondary Comedy Actress for Alex Borstein and Best Secondary Comedy Actor for Tony Shalhoub.

A Very English Scandal

This British miniseries based on real events took home the award for Best Secondary Miniseries Actor. In it we can attend the story of the leader of the British Liberal Party in the 60s, Jeremy Thorpe, gay in a society that just decriminalize homosexuality.

The Netflix series that have won an EMMY


Two awards took home this Netflix drama that tells the story of a householder who is laundering money from one of the big drug cartels Mexicans Everything goes on wheels until the family must move from their usual residence in Chicago to the town of Ozark in Missouri. Best Drama Series Secondary Actress (Julia Garner) and Best Direction in a Drama Series (Jason Bateman)

That's how they see us

Netflix four-episode miniseries created by Ava DuVernay that deals with the true story of five young African-Americans in the Harlem neighborhood who are unfairly accused of a brutal attack in Central Park. Best Actor Award in Miniseries for Jharrel Jerome.

Black Mirror: BanderSnatch

Independent episode that opened a new path in the world of fiction narrative by applying the mechanism of ‘Choose your own adventure’. Best Telefilm Award.

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