In the last report of Sandvine, a Canadian company focused on broadband connections, made just in October 2018, companies and services that use the highest Internet bandwidth globally were announced. The platforms centered on the streaming of video they covered the consumption of bandwidth, headed, yes, by Netflix. But nevertheless, the update of said report produces a significant change in the figures.

The Global Internet Phenomena Report more recent it indicates that Netflix lowered a seat in the table of the companies that consume the greater bandwidth. The measurement corresponds to the first half of 2019. The first place is now occupied by streaming via HTTP with 12.8%, Netflix follows with 12.6% *** Sandvine also reports that although the use of the services of streaming directly from the creators of content, that is, those of the networks and television channels, ** as well as the piracy services.


What has not changed is that video consumption prevails on the Internet. In addition, we must not forget that the competition of the entertainment world will be even more at odds in the coming months with the launch of Disney +, as well as the original productions of Apple TV +. On the other hand, online games maintain their rise in band consumption and the trend does not seem to stop.

It should be noted that * although Netflix is ​​currently placed in second place in the services with the highest bandwidth consumption, does not properly mean a drop in Netflix users or that people stream fewer company videos. The report in question does not inform the use of bandwidth but the percentages relative to the traffic delivered through Internet networks. In addition, Sanvine itself, the author of the report, has indicated that Netflix is ​​the service of streaming more efficient in the market, which means that it consumes less bandwidth per transmission than others.