Netflix: Spatial Audio arrives on iPad and iPhone for more immersion

by Kelvin
Netflix: Spatial Audio arrives on iPad and iPhone for more immersion

Mentioned for a while, the Spatial Audio on Netflix is ​​becoming a reality. This novelty is currently being deployed on iPhone and iPad … but it is still necessary to have AirPods Pro or Max to be able to take advantage of it.

Spatial Audio Technology Comes to Netflix for AirPods Pro and Max

Spatial Audio technology arrives on Netflix for AirPods Pro and Max // Source: Apple


It’s official, Netflix began a few hours ago the deployment of a new feature for its iOS 14 application: Spatial Audio. Using directional audio filters, this novelty opens the doors for AirPods Pro and AirPods Max to a more immersive experience on the SVoD platform. As 9to5Mac indicates, the arrival of spatialized audio has been confirmed by Netflix, but the firm is talking about a slow deployment that could take several weeks. In France, however, it seems that this novelty is already on the rails.

Note that the Spatial Audio on Netflix has previously been spotted by a British user of Reddit, but also by iGeneration. Yesterday, the French site also recalled that the arrival of this function on iPhone and iPad had been mentioned for the first time in February by another French-speaking site: iPhoneSoft. At the time, however, Netflix denied. And yet, 6 months later we are there.

A feature that will only be truly complete with iOS 15

Anyway, the detail of this novelty is accessible from the volume settings, via the Control Center of your iPhone or iPad. The opportunity to see the two available modes: “” or “”. This information is also replicated at the bottom of a Netflix icon on the interface.

The first mode is the most interesting. “”, Described Apple about him. The second mode is more rudimentary: it allows you to mimic spatialized sound on content that does not normally support it – but the thing will be done from a stereo source, with variable rendering from content to content. other.

It should also be noted that this conversion mode currently only works with the beta of iOS 15. iOS 14 users will not hear any difference if they use it with the latest version of Netflix. This conversion to spatial stereo will not be fully exploited until the final deployment of iOS 15.

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