Neto creates a machine to talk to his 96-year-old grandmother using Telegram

by Kelvin
Neto creates a machine to talk to his 96-year-old grandmother using Telegram

In times of pandemic, it is essential to ensure that seniors are always in contact with children and grandchildren. With that in mind, the Spanish Manuel Lucio Dallo built Yayagram: a “do it yourself” project for communication using Telegram.

The software engineer says he developed the device with the intention of talking to his 96-year-old grandmother. Therefore, the name of the invention is a reference to the term “Yaya” – an affectionate way of speaking “grandma” in Spanish.


Yayagram is similar to old switchboards and uses a cable to connect to different contacts. Using a built-in microphone, the senior can send a message to another person who will receive the audio on the Telegram.

On the other end of the line, children and grandchildren can also text the senior. Then, the small printer attached to the device prints the content like old telegrams and makes it easier for older people to read.

The project uses a Raspberry Pi 4 that runs Python code and complementary software that helps put functions into action. Finally, the USB microphone and printer are connected to the small computer board.

Solution in the middle of lockdown

To The Verge, Dallo explains that the Yayagram idea occurred during the lockdown in Spain. Although he and his grandmother reside in the city of Burgos, much of the family lives in other parts of the country.

In addition, the invention is a solution for the 96-year-old lady’s hearing loss. Something that already made it impossible to make phone calls or video calls to communicate with her.

“Due to restrictions, our family members cannot visit it”, explains the software engineer. “So, the device created a communication bridge with the rest of the grandchildren who live in distant cities”.