New AMD Rome 280W 64-Core CPU: EPYC 7H12

by Kelvin
New AMD Rome 280W 64-Core CPU: EPYC 7H12

If there is something that excites everyone, it is more performance. On the business side, AMD has come a long way with the latest EPYC processor stack, featuring up to 64 cores per socket with 128 PCIe 4.0 lines and 8-channel memory, showing very high performance per dollar on the market. To coincide with the launch of the line of processors in Europe today, AMD is launching a new chip to act as a new Halo product: EPYC 7H12.

This new processor has a higher base frequency and a higher driving frequency than an upper part of the on-line processor in advance, the EPYC 7742. The new EPYC 7H12 has a TDP identifier of 280W and as a result the chip is marketed For server environments that only offer liquid-cooled solutions. AMD is very specific about it, especially in the markets for this CPU. One of AMD's main partners, Atos, is ready to offer a 1U solution with eight CPUs, all liquid.

AMD EPYC 7002 processors (2P)
Frequency (GHz)L3 *TDPPrice
EPYC 7H1264/1282.603.30256 MB280 W?
EPYC 774264/1282.253.40256 MB225 W$ 6950
EPYC 770264/1282.003.35256 MB200 W$ 6450
EPYC 764248/962.303.20256 MB225 W$ 4775
EPYC 755248/962.203.30192 MB200 W$ 4025

For basic frequencies, the EPYC 7H12 will be set to 2.6 GHz and 3.3 GHz turbo frequency. Compared to EPYC 7742, it is +350 MHz on base and -100 MHz on turbo, for an increase of + 55W TDP. A higher TDP means that 7H12 is expected to have a much higher full-core turbo than 7742. EPYC 7H12 is socket compatible with all other Roman processors.

With this new CPU, AMD is clearly pursuing the high-performance computing market. The chip still provides the same specs as other stacks, such as PCIe paths, memory support, and security features, if other markets are interested, but AMD expects this CPU to be installed in large HPC data centers. AMD Releases Raw LINPACK Metrics with 7H12 Performance Improvements Above 7742 Around 11%

We asked AMD if this chip was designed for certain partners who can activate the liquid cooling server, or for OEMs who want it. AMD responded by stating the latter: This chip would have general availability, but given the target market, they pushed it only for liquid-cooled HPC systems. AMD claims they have other processors that are better suited for certain other fields, such as finance.

We expect AMD OEM partners to evaluate 7H12 for their system offerings, with more announcements in due course.

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