New apps arrive to organize weekend outings – 04/09/2019

by Kelvin
New apps arrive to organize weekend outings - 04/09/2019

Beyond the general guidance provided by softwares such as Foursquare, Yelp, TripAdvisor or Google Maps, there are other applications that help plan an exit and offer a little more depth in its contents. In addition to those that make it possible to reserve a table in advance, there are those looking for the best craft beers nearby. And for those who go on tour, there are guides on the Buenos Aires nightlife.

Its main utility is to provide access to places that although they are a few blocks away, one would not have dared to give it a try without a recommendation. In many cases, They function as a social network where each guest recounts their experience and complete your review with a rating. In some cases, they have a version for companies to register and carry out their promotions.


One of the most recent premieres at the local level is Fork, which comes to replace a classic like Restorando. In its valuation letter there is a network of 60,000 food stores, distributed in 17 countries, with an average of 23 million visits per month.

It is a restaurant manual in the form of an app that allows you to book for free and receive instant confirmation. For those who have a specialty in mind, you can search for the type of cuisine: Italian, international, Asian, American, sushi, Spanish, hamburger or pizzerias. Also segment by favorable opinions, price or who has any promotion.

In some places, where a plan with the distribution of the premises is shown, it is possible to choose the table that one wants to occupy. In addition, with each reservation, Yums points are accumulated, which can be exchanged for a dinner, desserts or a drink.

In the same service line it is handled Opentable, which gives the possibility to give diners the freedom to choose where they want to sit before arriving at the establishment. Thus, the home screen shows suggestions based on previous reservations, preferences of user food and restaurants that previously marked as favorites.

And if the diner has a preference for red meat, is of vegetarian inclination, has lactose intolerant or consumes food without TACC gives priority to establishments that meet these conditions and shows them highlighted at the top.

Trying to open a place in this universe of dishes and tablecloths, Guru Restaurant bet on sophisticated palate. It allows filtering by the average rating of the restaurant. According to the dish that one wants to taste, locate the nearest location.

Since in recent times the consumption of craft beer was imposed, the proliferation of premises, varieties and franchises generated a disorienting effect where everything seemed to be the product of the same tree. To establish a lending division, different applications were launched. One of the most original proposals is entrepreneurship platense Paint Free.

The concept that may be extravagant as a move became a foamy conquest. Thus, the user pays a monthly subscription of $ 99 and every day, in the available bars, you can enjoy a drink without charge. Already in the appeal of the fine print it is indicated that the attached breweries determine the schedule to offer the pints. Some do it without limits and others cut days and times.

In addition, the value bet is not that the person feels, finishes his liquid in a sip and leaves without further ado. The bet is to ask for a second and if possible, until a third round. To encourage consumption, in some bars, the app also allows you to apply 20% on hamburger and fries, or a second pint at a lower value.

For those who only look for a little bar to enjoy a cold beer in the company of a friend, Birrispedia It is the best locator. While Touchez map Opens a map of nearby breweries, with opening hours, the amount of faucets in the premises. They focus on artisanal varieties. In addition, they have listings over 650 bars and 140 take away throughout Buenos Aires.

For the night getaways, Bowling It allows you to find parties and buy tickets for different events. Through the application you can chat with the possible assistants, to arrange transfer and prior. Whoever looks for something more traditional, Milonga today It shows the places where to take chips to the floor and show off the steps two by four. For bars, clubs and dance clubs, it is also Noxtur.

The eternal problem of the crowded places is to locate a space to leave the car. Going around in crowded tourist neighborhoods can be somewhat tiring. For these emergencies, WesmartPark, connect the free garages of some hotels, businesses, and even apartment buildings, with anxious drivers.

The map will mark directions, availability and prices. The value is $ 1.33 per minute (about $ 80 per hour), with the advantage that there is no minimum, that is, for example, the first 5 minutes are worth $ 6.65.

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