New Christmas Announcement with the iPhone 5s as a Star

by Kelvin
New Christmas Announcement with the iPhone 5s as a Star 1

Reach the official channel of Apple in YouTube a new television advertisement for the iPhone 5s, the new top range of the Cupertino company, on the occasion of the arrival of the birthdays and accompanied at the bottom of the song «Have Yourself Merry a Little Christmas«.

iPhone 5s Christmas Announcement


Apple Publish a Christmas Video with the Protagonist iPhone 5s

This Christmas video is focused on a family celebrating the classic Christmas days, in which, thanks to the iPhone 5s and AirPlay functionality, the best moments recorded on video can be transmitted to TV and where the whole family enjoys those moments.

As expected, the video ends wishing happy holidays, in order to join the birth publication that, as in each year, Apple It has accustomed us and that every time it focuses on a different leading product and even in some application, highlighting, both the device and the app, its utilities in people's daily real life.

IPhone 5s Christmas announcement

Then you can enjoy the motivating Christmas video that we talked about and in which Apple We wish you a happy holiday and take the opportunity to show us how you can unite the family new iPhone 5s and AirPlay.

Of course, it is a very nice advertisement, although we doubt that it will be published on TV in Spain. Anyway, we are left with the congratulations that you send us Apple With this video

What do you think of this new promotional video and Christmas greetings subtly highlighting the new iOS device, the iPhone 5s?

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