New failure of Facebook left millions of phone numbers of users exposed

by Kelvin
New failure of Facebook left millions of phone numbers of users exposed

Putting your contacts online exposes users to receive unsolicited calls or be victims of piracy by "hijacking" the SIM card

Telephone numbers linked to more than 400 million accounts of Facebook a new slip of the US group in data protection was stored online, the specialized site TechCrunch reported Wednesday.


A vulnerable server stored 419 million user records of the world's largest social network in several databases, of which 133 million belong to accounts in the United States, more than 50 million in Vietnam and 18 million in Britain, according to the American portal

The databases saved the user identities of Facebook -a unique combination of numbers for each account-, as well as the telephone numbers associated with the profiles, the sex of the users of some accounts and the geographical location.

The server in question was not password protected, which meant that anyone could access the databases. He was still online Wednesday night, when TechCrunch contacted the host.

Facebook partially confirmed the TechCrunch information, but minimized the incident by ensuring that the number of accounts confirmed so far is about half of the 419 million mentioned.

The group added that many of those records were copies and that the data was old. "This data set has been deleted and we have not observed any signs that the accounts of Facebook they have been compromised, "a spokesman for the social network told AFP.

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal in March 2018, which revealed the use of millions of users of information for political purposes Facebook Without their knowledge, the group eliminated a function that allowed searching the platform with phone numbers.

Putting your phone numbers online exposes users to receive unsolicited calls or to be victims of hacking by "hijacking" the SIM card, as happened recently to the head of TwitterJack Dorsey

At the end of August, Facebook He said he is testing a new feature that allows users to control their data collected by the US company outside the social network.

This announcement came less than a week after new revelations about the practices of Facebook, who acknowledged having transcribed audio listeners from conversations of some users after denying it for a long time.

At the end of July, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the US agency that watches over consumers, imposed Facebook a fine of 5,000 million dollars for not effectively protecting the personal data of its users.

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