New family plan from Spotify, includes parental controls and filters

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New family plan from Spotify, includes parental controls and filters

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Spotify has presented a new version of its family plan, which allows several users to use the same subscription premium. The news assume that, finally, Spotify will have basic features that we find in other family plans.

The Spotify family plan is the most popular so that up to six family members have access to the Spotify Premium features, but without the need for each to pay a separate subscription. Of course, although initially it was intended for families, it is well known that it is also used by groups of friends or even strangers who meet on the Internet. The company has become serious against these practices.

Now Spotify is finally going to implement news that will be useful for families, the true customers of this service. The basics do not change: it will continue to allow six accounts to have Premium access, so they will not listen to announcements and enjoy music with more quality.

This is Spotify's new family plan

The news focuses especially on the control and management of these accounts. Now users who pay the subscription will be special with respect to the rest, and will have the power to manage the group as they see fit.

These special users (presumably the parents) will have the power to add or remove members to the group, change the location of the home (important so that Spotify knows they are from the same family) and adjust parental controls. All that, in a new section in the app.


New Spotify family plan


The new parental controls will limit the type of content that the youngest members of the house can listen to. For example, it is possible to put a filter for all the songs marked "explicit" by Spotify, depending on the content of the lyrics. This does not block all the songs of an artist, only those that contain references and explicit words.

The new family plan will have the same price as the current one (€ 14.99); It is first available in Ireland, and will gradually be extended to all countries in which Spotify has a presence.

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