New Features for Google Maps

by Kelvin
New Features for Google Maps

Google had closed Google Trips earlier this week, where users could track their travel plans; however, thanks to new features coming to Google Maps, users don't seem to be missing this app. With Google Maps, users can now make it easier to plan their trips.

One of the features that come to Google Maps is hotel and flight reservations provides comfort. Google Maps With the app open you will be able to check your flight and hotel reservations without having to exit the app. Also this feature can be used even without being connected to the internet. You'll also be able to share the list of places you've visited and liked with your friends by exporting them from Google Maps.

Another innovation is Google Maps extended reality Having the experience will offer. So you will be able to reach your destination by turning on your phone's camera and following the arrows on your screen while trying to go to a desired point on the map. This feature, which is still in the testing phase, Android phones and iPhones Google Maps Street View can be used anywhere.


Google has recently developed features that can be used in Google Maps to help people take refuge in the event of a disaster or natural disaster. Google's plans also include ordering food with the app. Constantly adding new and useful features Google Mapswill make the lives of users even easier.

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