New Fornite GLOW skin for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Note 10 and more

by Kelvin
samsung fornite glow skin galaxy s10 note

Samsung says that you can claim the GLOW skin in soon Fortnite on the Galaxy S10 Galaxy Note 10, or another Galaxy with which you can participate. You also get a new dance with it: Levitate. Below you can read how to get the skin and dance


Samsung Fortnite GLOW skin for you Galaxy

A year ago, Samsung and Epic launched the Galaxy skin for everyone with a Galaxy Note 9. After the launch of the Galaxy S10 followed the iKONIK skin for players with that device. However, after the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 10 it remained silent to it Fortnite-front. Until now, at least.

Samsung has announced in the US that you can claim the GLOW skin from September 27 if you have a Galaxy S10 Note 10, or another Galaxy (see the list below). Although the promotion was announced in the US, you could still participate in our country until now. If you claim the GLOW skin, you will also receive an exclusive new dance, Levitate in your account.

How do you get the GLOW skin?

To receive the GLOW skin you must follow the same procedure with which you received the iKONIK skin earlier this year. You must therefore log in to you with your Epic Games account in Fornite Galaxy. Then go to the store, where the GLOW outfit will appear automatically. Note: this only happens if you do Samsung have selected under Store (via the Setting -> Account -> Content -> Android store selection). In addition, you must have registered a credit card, although you do not have to make any further purchases to receive the skin.

Which Galaxy phones exactly?

Although the promotion initially seems to be aimed primarily at anyone with a Galaxy S10 or Note 10, we read in the fine print that you are with almost every one Galaxy can participate (if Fortnite to play on it). You can therefore participate if you have one of the following devices:

  • Galaxy S10 / Galaxy S9 / Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S7 (and variants)
  • Galaxy Note 10 / Note 9 / Note 8
  • Galaxy A9 / Galaxy A70 / Galaxy A80
  • Galaxy Tab S6 / Tab S4 / Tab S3

You have until the end of this year – December 31, 2019 – to claim the skin and dance. Do you mind if you succeed in claiming the GLOW skin and Levitate dance?


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