New Google Photos arrives with a change in photos!

by Kelvin
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Google Photos is without doubt one of the best products from Google. It really gives me a lot of fun. Because of the tests I need to change smartphones often, I always have my photos in sync and well kept. I even have a paid plan that is a bargain to maintain the original quality of the images. The new Google Photos bets on minor changes for ease of use.

New Google Photos arrives with a change in photos!

When we see a photo there is a menu that gives us access to some options. They are Add to album, use as, print, edit in application, among others. These options were previously accessible through the three-point menu on the right. Now they will change places.


New Google Photos

As you can see in the image above, the options previously listed in the Google Photos menu we refer to above have now moved to an area just below the photo or video. These options now have icons that have been placed in a horizontal sliding list. This appears just above the EXIF ​​data. To access this you need to slide your finger up on a photo or video, which can be a little harder than you think at first.

New Google Photos

However the EXIF ​​data has also been slightly rearranged. Thus, beyond the date and time now appears a text field that allows you to add a description. It also has a location map, details about the image and video and camera information.

New Google Photos arrives with a change in photos! 2

This news is now available on Google Photos 4.24. However, it must be a server-side update. So not everyone who has this version has access to the new design.

This was first discovered by followers of the Android Police website.

In fact, we have a constantly changing Google Photos, which is definitely great news for you to use this service on a daily basis.


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