New iPhone 11 Pro Hack Shows Possible Abandoned Reverse Recharge Engine

by Kelvin

New iPhone 11 Pro Hack Shows Possible Abandoned Reverse Recharge Engine 3

The iPhone 11 Pro had already gone through a display that showed the size of its battery. Now, who got their hands on it was the people of iFixit, which promoted a live so that interested parties could follow the disassembly of the product in real time.

It seems that Apple It really took every possible space on the body of the device to equip it with the hardware, and the battery is certainly the most spacious item there, and one of the last to be removed. By the way, several insulating tapes prevent its easy removal, so in terms of reparability the grade of 11 Pro may lose some points when the portal review is ready.


In addition there are several cables between the plate that houses the display and the main panel, but certainly what catches the most attention is what is behind the battery.

The plate housing the induction recharging mechanism is there. It's not the first generation of iPhones that gets this technology for wireless battery recharging. However, a secondary conductor cable – which does not exist on the iPhone XS – indicates that indeed the Cupertino giant implemented a reverse charge mechanism, but did not activate it.

The reasons that would have led to Apple Discarding reverse induction recharging are not known, but it seems that proprietary technology must not have met Tim Cook's quality standards. Or it may have been mere haste. Remember when Apple's CEO announced the company's wireless multiple charger but canceled it the following year?

The cutting took over 30 minutes, and that's because it was promoted by an iFixit expert. The news is not very good for those who want, one day, in the event of problems, to promote repairs autonomously.

Remember, the three new iPhones are already homologated at Anatel. Now it's up to you, Apple.

THE Apple iPhone 11 Pro is not yet available in Brazilian stores. To be notified when he arrives.

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