New iPhone feature that will prevent you from being disturbed by calls from unknown numbers

by Kelvin
Evitar llamadas de desconocidos en iPhone

For a few years now all iPhone have Do not disturb mode. Thanks to this mode you can prevent the phone from ringing when you receive a call or any other type of notification, with the sole exception of calls from the numbers you have in favorites or those that insist several times.

The operation of this Do not disturb mode is very logical and it is really a very useful function. The main drawback is that it affects the entire device and it is not possible to configure it so that it only affects the calls or some specific sections of the operating system.


But Apple keep thinking about things that can make our lives a little more comfortable and with iOS 13 a new feature has arrived that the company has called Call silencer.

When this function is active, the iPhone will not emit any sound when you receive a call from an unknown number. That is, only the numbers that you have stored in the device's phonebook will ring the device, while those that are not will be completely ignored and sent to the voicemail in case you have it active.

Of course, these calls will be registered and you can always check them in the recent calls list. Thus, you can review them and if there is one that should not have been silenced you can return it and talk to the person who called you.

This activates the call silencer of iOS 13

  1. Open the Settings app and Touchez on the Phone option (you will have to scroll to reach it).
  2. Scroll again until you see the section Call silencer and blocked contacts.
  3. Activate the switch that appears next to the option Mute No. unknown.

Activate the iPhone call squelch

Once this option is activated, which by default is disabled on all iPhone with iOS 13, calls from unknown numbers will stop bothering you at the least opportune moment. Of course, you can deactivate it whenever you want, so if, for example, you are waiting for a call from a selection process for a job or from a medical appointment, you could temporarily disable this option so you don't miss that call.

It is certainly a very interesting function for most people. It is true that it can make you miss a call that you might be interested in answering, but it is also true that the majority of calls from unknown numbers that we receive are to sell us something that does not interest us in the least in most cases. At least, if we think of personal use phones.

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