New iPhone function that will prevent you from being interrupted by calls …

by Kelvin
New iPhone function that will prevent you from being interrupted by calls ... 1

For several years, all iPhones have had a Do Not Disturb mode. Thanks to this mode, you can prevent your phone from ringing when you receive a call or other notification, with the exception of the only calls from numbers that you have in your favorites or that you repeatedly insist.

This Do Not Disturb operation is very logical and this is really a very useful function. The main disadvantage is that it affects the entire device and it is not possible to configure it to only affect calls or certain parts of the operating system.


But Apple keep thinking about things that can make our lives a little more comfortable and with iOS 13 a new feature has come called the company Call the damper.

When this function is active, iPhone will not make a sound when you receive a call from an unknown number. In other words, only the numbers that you have saved in the device's phonebook will ring on the device, while the numbers that will not be completely ignored and will be sent to voicemail if you have it active.

Of course, these calls will be logged and you can always check them on the last call list. That way, you can verify it and if something is not supposed to be silenced, you can return it and speak to the caller.

This activates the iOS 13 call squelch

  1. Open the Settings app and Touchez the Phone option (you must scroll to access it).
  2. Scroll again until you see the Contacts Mute and Blocked Contacts section.
  3. Activate the switch next to the options. Silence No. not known.

After enabling this option, which is disabled by default on all iPhones running iOS 13, calls from unknown numbers will stop bothering you at the best time. Of course You can disable it whenever you wantTherefore, if, for example, you are waiting for a call from the selection process for a job or medical agreement, you can temporarily disable this option to avoid missing that call.

This is certainly a function that is very attractive to most people. It is true that it can make you miss calls that you might be interested in answering, but it is also true that most of the calls from unknown numbers that we receive are to sell us something that we are not interested in the least in many cases. At least, if we think about the use of personal cell phones.

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