New iPhones may have wireless reverse charging, but has been disabled by Apple

by admin-kervin

We've already seen the feature – known as wireless or “bilateral” reverse charging – on phones like Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Huawei P30 Pro, and it was rumored that the new handsets of the Apple released on September 10th.

However, while the technology is built into the new iPhones, the Apple prevented it from working, reports prolific leaker Sonny Dickson. Citing internal sources, Dickson said the Apple mysteriously chose to disable the feature using the software shortly before sending the phones.

"Reliable sources say the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro include hardware for bilateral loading, but it is disabled software," he wrote in a tweet about the decision.

“Unsure if it was removed before final production.”

New iPhones

New iPhones can now charge wirelessly through special battery-consuming charging pads without the need to plug in. Reverse wireless charging simply shifts the process, allowing the phone to become a charging mat for other devices.

That would mean you could charge your mate's phone or even your AirPods in real time. Dickson's comments seem to confirm other rumors about the company's reverse wireless charging fiasco. Apple.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the company abandoned the appeal of its new iPhones because it simply didn't work well enough. Dickson leaks are generally quite reliable – he was one of the first to report problems with the AirPower charger. Apple, for example.

In March, the Sci-Fi device was apparently archived before it was sold 18 months after Apple introduced it alongside the iPhone X. As with any rumor, though, we can't be sure that this is true, so it's always good to reaffirm that this has not been officially confirmed.

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So always be a little suspicious about this and don't take this information too seriously…


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