New LG G8x ThinQ, a mobile with accessory screen 2 in 1

by Kelvin
New LG G8x ThinQ, a mobile with accessory screen 2 in 1

Is the flexible screen the future of telephony? At the moment it is a question without answer. Samsung bets on it like other brands, but companies like LG prefer to be more cautious and try other solutions before adopting the flexible panel. Solutions as we saw at the beginning of the year with the LG V50 ThinQ: an ingenious secondary or accessory display inside a housing in which we insert the mobile, and that turns the whole into a terminal with 2 screens. Ok, it's not a tablet like the Galaxy Fold, but it is a very attractive temporary solution.

LG G8x ThinQ

Evolving the concept seen in the LG G8 ThinQ as evidenced by that ‘x’ in its name, the LG G8x ThinQ it's a smartphone with 6.4 inch OLED FHD + screen with 19.5: 9 ratio which also implements a fingerprint reader under screen. The terminal has a IP68 and resistance certification lMIL-STD 810G to withstand possible blows and falls. The main aesthetic difference with the predecessor G8 is in a top notch for the front camera in the form of a drop of water. Being smaller eliminates the TOF (Time of Flight) camera and also the sensors that allowed us to make Air Motion gestures with hand. Although inside it is still a good beast.


Why? Because the G8x ThinQ rides the same Snapdragon 855 processor, the top of Qualcomm that will mount all the high-end of 2019, accompanied by a Adreno 640 GPU, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal space expandable by microSD to huge ones 2 Terabytes. All with Android 9 Pie fresh out of the box and a 4,000 mAh battery With Quick Charge 3.0 support for fast charging, high for this type of phones. The reason? Feed the housing and the accessory screen that are most attractive.

2 screens in 1

The terminal comes with what looks like a regular case of those kind ‘book’ so that the phone is protected. We put the G8x ThinQ as it is in the hole on the right, only that the flap on the left is a 6.4-inch secondary display exactly the same as the main mobile, same resolution, density and ratio. Unlike the V50 ThinQ, The G8x ThinQ uses a mobile connection type to the safest case, using the USB Type-C port, and has a hinge to display the screen in 360º.

Lg G8x Thinq And Lg Dual Screen 01Lg G8x Thinq and its secondary display

In this way, with the mobile placed in the case we can activate a double screen with which to perform multitasking such as having Google open on the screen on the left and entering a website that we visualize on the screen on the right, or having 2 apps open at the same time and using them. But the set also equips a third screen, which is seen when we close the lid to look like a normal mobile. It's about a 2.1 inch Mono panel for basic information like the Battery level, time, date or notifications.

Less rear camera, more front

In the current era of putting the more lenses and sensors better -we are going to move to the 5-sensor pentacamera-, LG has made a kind of grade downgrade ’, since if the original G8 ThinQ mounted a triple rear camera, the G8x mounts a Dual, and loses a sensor along the way. The main camera of the mobile has a 12 Mpx sensor with F / 1.8 aperture, and a 13 Mpx Super Wide Angle sensor 136º with opening f / 2.4

And what apparently loses back, wins in front, because now the front camera is 32 megapixels with opening f / 1.9 able to create ‘Time-Lapse’ videos (those in which we can register a sunrise – entire sunset, or the passage of a convoy) in 4K, and a Reflector mode to make sure the Selfies are great even in low light

Lg G8x Thinq OfficieelLg G8x Thinq

With a planned release date before the end of the year in markets such as the United States and Spain, for now LG has not revealed the exact day, nor the price, although with the latter we must bear in mind that we are talking about a high-end mobile with an accessory that provides a double screen.

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