New Meitu smartphone developed by Xiaomi arrives in 2020

by Kelvin

When Xiaomi and Meitu decided to set up a partnership late last year, the deal stated that Xiaomi was going to manufacture and sell smartphones integrated in the Meitu brand. However it has been almost a year since the partnership and the only Meitu smartphone that has been launched is the Xiaomi CC9 Meitu Edition.

New Meitu smartphone developed by Xiaomi arrives in 2020

Meitu smartphone


Technically, the Xiaomi CC9 Meitu Edition is not a Meitu smartphone because it does not have the design of this brand. In practice it's just normal CC9 with some special features for content creators. Now thinking about who likes Meitu, the company's CEO revealed at a press conference that a real Meitu smartphone will be announced next year.

Mi Xinhong shared some information about the next smartphone. First, it will be developed and sold by Xiaomi. This is exactly what was stated in the partnership agreement. It will also be the first of a new product range. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun also revealed this information before today's announcement.

New Meitu smartphone developed by Xiaomi arrives in 2020 2

There is no information about the features of the smartphone. However we must count on something quite interesting. In fact, we would like to see the smartphone shown in the image above come true.

Even though Meitu has not launched any smartphones this year, other businesses have grown last year. Online advertising revenue increased 27.2% year-on-year to 362.3 million yen. Meitu also claims to have incorporated a new business model that includes a premium subscription service. The new business will have grown more than six times since it was launched.

Meanwhile, active users of Meitu's social social platforms also increased to 308.1 million users. This is a 0.6% increase over December 2018. Average daily usage time also increased from 5 to 6 minutes to over 12 minutes.

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