New Microsoft Edge Bounty Program Offers Awards for Security Investigators


Just days after launching the first public beta version of the Edge browser with Chromium, Microsoft announced the launch Microsoft Edge Insider Awards Program with prizes of up to $ 30,000 for cybersecurity researchers who can find vulnerabilities in the Dev and Beta software channels.

In an official publication, the company said: "The purpose of the Microsoft Edge Bounty Insider Program (based on Chromium) is to discover vulnerabilities that are unique to the next Microsoft Edge that has a direct and demonstrable impact on the security of our customers".


As with all these programs, vulnerabilities must not be previously reported and must be regenerated in the latest version of Edge at the time of shipment. Because this program will complement the Google Chrome Vulnerability rewards program, any report that plays on Edge but not Chrome will also rate based on the report's severity, impact, and quality.

It should be noted here that the new rewards program will run alongside existing Edge rewards programs that award up to $ 15,000 to find vulnerabilities in a version of Microsoft Edge that will soon be abandoned based on the company's EdgeHTML engine. In both cases, only the vulnerabilities reproduced in the latest version are fully patched Windows (Win 10 / Win 7 SP1 / Win8.1) or MacOS will be eligible for prizes.

After testing the preview (Canary and Developer channels) for the Chromium-based Edge browser in recent months, the company released the first open beta version of new software this week. It will be updated every six weeks, which means it will be more stable compared to daily or weekly channels. This is available for Windows and macOS, so you can verify it immediately.

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