New PS5 features found: Fortnite A fan


One less feature to explore. All gamers want to know everything about the new PlayStation 5 and what they do.

This time, fans who were guided by Sony's patents discovered features that the PS4 Pro didn't have. This is a Blu Ray reader, although this property is available from PS3, it will now have much more powerful reforms.


The console in question will have a reader. Blu Ray 4K which makes it possible to enjoy movies in UHD format, something until now, no other video game console has yet been introduced.

In addition, Sony is also known to have redesigned its controls even though they won't lose their community. Dualshock 4.

What is known for sure is that the brand, like many other brands, will not say that it is present at the next E3, so the wait will be more difficult for all players in the world.