New report says consumers wait longer to renew their phones

by Kelvin
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How long did you use the smartphone before upgrading to the new model? According to the new report, consumers increasingly wait to improve.

US smartphone update cycle rate USA It has been growing for 33 months, the Strategy Analytics report said. Baby Boomers wait even longer, waiting an average of more than three years to upgrade to a new smartphone.


Looking at specific brands, Apple Customers now wait an average of 18 months before they improve, while Samsung users expect an average of 16.5 a month

There are several reasons for the increase in the average magnification window. According to David Kerr, Senior Vice President, Strategy Analytics, consumers feel that the new generation smartphones it only adds to the marginal increase over the phone they already have. The price of a new flagship phone reaching $ 1,000 and above is also a factor, and prices for 5G phones are expected to be a major barrier to increase for many consumers.

A while smartphones Always improving and getting new features, this sophisticated device is also capable of handling the needs of many people for a longer period of time, especially for users who only use their cell phones to explore social media, take photos and call, send text messages and emails. . Given that and the price of the flagship cell phone, it's not surprising to hear that more people wait longer before upgrading to a new device.

How long do you usually wait between phone calls?

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