New scam by WhatsApp offers free slippers

by Kelvin
New scam by WhatsApp offers free slippers 1

New scam by WhatsApp offers free slippers 2

The phishing It is an important method of attack because it allows hackers to reach a large number of people. Typically, hackers distribute this type of phishing scam pretending to be representatives of companies where users have a registered account to steal sensitive information, such as the one they started distributing this Wednesday through the WhatsApp messenger application.

This last campaign was the protagonist of the famous clothing company Adidas who, supposedly, gives a coupon to acquire one of the 300 pairs of free shoes, although it is clearly false.


To access this supposed "benefit" you have to share the message with 20 groups of chats or friends. These types of Internet scams generally come from different fake websites. It is important to clarify that this message should be deleted, not opened or shared.

Computer security specialists say that hackers create pages very similar to real ones to fool people.

The visual similarities are sufficient to confuse the user to enter their keys and other personal data requested to access a certain prize.

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