New Switch offers up to 78% more battery than the old one, says Digital Foundry

by Kelvin
SOURCE: Eurogamer

Nintendo has just released a revised version of the Switch and although the changes are not that significant, what draws the most attention in the new device is the battery life. According to a Digital Foundry analysis, the duration can be up to 78% longer under some conditions.

After some testing, the channel found that Nintendo has kept its promise regarding the console's lifespan away from power. Overall durability is optimized and power consumption has been cut almost in half – from 13W to 7W for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for example. In Fast RMX, power consumption can drop from 12W to impressive 4W in certain situations.


The reason for the reduced battery consumption is the new revision of Nvidia's Tegra X1 chip. The original chipset, codenamed Logan, was less optimized for power consumption (20 nm architecture), while the new X1, codenamed Mariko, can better manage the resource (and is probably in 16 nm architecture).

SOURCE: Eurogamer

SOURCE: Eurogamer

The battery life at half brightness is 1.64x better, while the full brightness is 1.78x better. Digital Foundry explains that the new model is quieter than the previous one, suggesting that it may have slowed the coolers to limit noise, yet can keep the device cool at the right temperature.

Another reason for the long lasting battery may be the optimization in the display. Sharp is reported to have provided an IGZO panel for the Switch Lite and it was not explained if the model of the handset also has the same feature, however, the screen is definitely different. It is worth mentioning that the battery is the same size as the old version.

SOURCE: Eurogamer

On performance, the two devices are pretty much the same, and while the average FPS rate is similar, there are some specific points where performance is minimally improved (about 1 to 2 fps higher than the original version of FPS). Switch). The explanation possibly comes from the new hybrid console RAMs.

According to Nintendo's official guidance, customers who want the newer model with better battery life should look for a console labeled HAC-001 (-01) instead of HAC-001. Another change that can happen is the code change, indicating that the new Switch will start with a label "HAD" instead of "HAC".

New Switch offers up to 78% more battery than the old one, says Digital Foundry via Voxel

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