New tool to bring iOS apps to Windowsfrom Microsoft

by Kelvin

Microsoft launched Windows Bridge for iOS

Windows Bridge for iOS (WinObjC) is a new open source project from Microsoft that offers an Objective-C ecosystem for Visual Studio /Windows. It also offers support for compatibility with iOS apps. It can be downloaded from the official site available on Github.

To use WinObjC we have to have Windows 10 installed and developer tools from Windows Visual Studio 2015. You can download the free version of Visual Studio 2015 Community from


What components must be installed?

When you install Visual Studio 2015 Community do not forget to include the Visual C ++ programming language, all application development tools for Windows and the tools to create applications in Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.0 / 8.1.

New tool to bring iOS apps to Windowsfrom Microsoft 4

Once WinObjC is downloaded, it is best to run one of the examples, WOCCatalog is the most recommended because it serves as an example for see different aspects of the user interface in iOS. To open WOCCatalog you have to extract the SDK in a folder, open the file WOCCatalog-WinStore 1.sln and open it with VS2015. From the VS2015 menu we right click on the WOCCatalog project and select the Set as Startup Project option. With Ctrl + F5 we design and run the app.

You can check the WinObjC wiki for different specific problems, it is very complete and there is always an exchange between thousands of users around the world. It is also the platform on which we move to contribute to the project, either by detecting bugs or design failures or requesting functionalities to add to the project.

to download Windows Bridge for iOS (WinObjC), Here.

Being an open source project, what Microsoft wants is for users to commit, work on the project and add their personal touch. It is a new way to encourage cross-platform work, a key piece to achieve a good acceptance of Microsoft's mobile operating system, the company's weakest point to date.

New tool to bring iOS apps to Windowsfrom Microsoft 5

Project under construction

As the project is still under development, and being Open Source there are different developments simultaneouslyHere is a list of the functionalities and aspects that are being analyzed so far:

  • ARM support
  • Mapkit
  • Address List
  • Storyboard support.
  • Media capture and playback.
  • Objective-C annotations.
  • Ads

If you want to collaborate with the project, WinObjC is one of the most interesting initiatives to improve iOS compatibility with Windows and expand the possibilities of use and development so that there are not so many differences when working for an app in one type of mobile or another.

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