Niantic detected half a million cheats in Pokémon GO and HP: Wizards Unite

by Kelvin
Niantic detected half a million cheats in Pokémon GO and HP: Wizards Unite

Just as mobile devices represent the most successful platform in terms of income generation, it is also true that, in certain areas, they are no-man's land and this opens the door to all kinds of unfair and illegal practices that impact the gaming experience. Precisely, this problem afflicts 2 of Niantic's most successful titles, Pokémon GO Y Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which has led to an update in terms of regulations for users.

Through a publication on the official site of Pokémon GO, Niantic reported that he has detected the presence of cheats in that game and in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which is quantified in half a million users who, in one way or another, alter the software to take advantage. According to the information, the company is looking for players to have a fair and free experience of this kind of problems and for this they expanded their Three-Strike policy, which consists of 3 attention calls, with their respective penalties, for those that violate the regulations that deprive the environment of their mobile games.


In that sense, the Three-Strike policy, in addition to covering all kinds of hostile and violent behavior, has included software alteration and the use of third-party tools to take advantage of Pokémon GO Y Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, such as changes in GPS and access to customers of both games without authorization. The first strike will arrive in the form of a preventive warning, along with some limitations to access content, which will last 7 days. The second strike will be a suspension that will not allow you to enter the user account for 30 days. Finally, the third, and last strike, will be the final banning.

It is worth mentioning that, in all cases, it will be possible to appeal to Niantic's decision, although the company assures that, given the quality of its security systems, there are very few cases in which they have reversed some of the strikes.

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