Niantic is hunting Pokémon Traps Go and Harry Potter Wizards Unite

by Kelvin

Niantic Labs, the company responsible for the game Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, have intensified their battles against the scammers present in their game. In a blog post, the developer listed the main steps he took to make the game more "fun and fair."

For starters, the company announced that the three-attack policy, which already exists in Pokémon Go, also applies to other games, including Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. As the name implies, the movement issues three warnings accompanied by a suspension for anyone who violates the rules of the game. If the misbehavior continues after "postpone", the bill will be eradicated.

(Source: Polygon / Reproduction)

In addition to extending the sentence, Niantic Labs also revealed that they had increased the sentence. smartphones rooted or freed, a solution generally used to run versions or tricks of modified applications, such as changing the GPS location.

According to the developer, the game will stop working on a modified device. This means that even users who have rooted or released without cheating should lose access to the Niantic Labs game from now on.

To demonstrate that it works to combat cheating, the company has also disclosed several of its actions. Niantic Labs said it had filed lawsuits against more than 500,000 accounts that had cheated Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Unite Wizards.

Source: MacStories / Reproduction

Even Ingress, the company's first big game, is also going through a cleaning process. Niantic Labs prohibits 22,000 gaming accounts that are involved in illegal activities, such as exchanging in-game items.

Finally, the developer also recommends that users do not use a modified edition of the company's game and always look for the original version of the application, to avoid the risk of being suspended.

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