Nightwolf is now available for those who bought the MK 11 season pass

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NetherRealm Studios' favorite Native American is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC, while Xbox One users report that it is not yet available in their store. That said, it seems a matter of time that it is also in the Microsoft console since the study promised that it would be tonight at the latest.

Nightwolf, baptized as Gray Cloud, is a classic Mortal Kombat fighter, debuted in the third installment in 1995. He belongs to Earthrealm and defends his interests, that is to say he is one of the “good guys” if there is a difference of sides in the NetherRealm series.

Nightwolf is now available for those who bought the MK 11 season pass 1

The power of the spirits

The Native American has at his disposal several weapons to fight, they are all created with illusions that make them see a very characteristic color of the character. The damage they do is not illusory, of course, there are arches, tomahawks, blades and much more, and Nightwolf has a special relationship with animals so we can invoke an eagle, a wolf and a bear.

Revenant Nightwolf is probably my new favorite revenant costume ???? desde Mortal Kombat


From what was seen in the trailer, his ideal fighting style will be quite dynamic, changing from one weapon to another quickly so that our movements do not become predictable. Nightwolf's powers come from his relationship with the forest gods whom he reveres and respects.

Regarding her look, Nightwolf looks just like she looked on her debut, the color blue is predominant in her dress and she still has a red body to represent her tribe. Some players have already unlocked some outfits in the crypt and have been able to dress it in different ways to play with their skin tones. This is especially ironic if we remember that according to the canon of the game Nightwolf was dead and was resurrected as a possessed spirit.

Players who have not purchased the battle pass will be able to buy Nightwolf a week after their debut, although there is still no defined date, most likely it will be Tuesday, August 20. We leave you with the Nightwolf launch trailer.

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