Nikon Z 85mm f / Opinions 1.8 S.

by Kelvin
Nikon Z 85mm f / Opinions 1.8 S.

With the introduction of the Nikon Z 85mm f / 1.8 S, Nikon has provided the classic Z work horse lens system that is perfect for portrait, fashion, wedding and event photographers. With a fast f / 1.8 maximum aperture, this lens produces a beautiful shallow depth of field and allows you to take photos in low light conditions.

Although the maximum aperture is f / 1.8 of course honest, it won't surprise us if there are some photographers who are a bit disappointed that this special offer didn't come down to f / 1.4. However, being able to reach such a wide depth of field is a trade-off with weight. You only need to look at the size as a giant Z 58mm f / 0.95 Noct S to see how only a few light stops can inflate a lens.


Nikon Z 85mm f / 1.8 S has a wide focus ring and automatic manual switch on one side

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Also, how big is the difference between the f / 1.4 and f / 1.8 lens? Are there enough to realistically realize this?

The reality is that the gap is f / 1.4 can be very difficult if you don't work in a super controlled environment. If you're dealing with a moving subject, even if it's just a small part, then your focus may slip. So if you are disappointed with the maximum f / 1.8 aperture, we recommend that you look beyond that to judge this glass for what it is.


Increased: Nikon Z mount
Focal length: 85mm
Maximum opening: f / 1.8
Minimum opening: f / 16
Lens Construction: 12 element within 8 group
Point of view: FX format: 28 ° 30 ', DX format: 18 ° 50'
Focus system: Internal focus system
Minimum focus distance: 0.8 m (2.62 ft) from the focal plane
Number of diaphragm blades: 9 (round aperture of diaphragm)
Cap: Nanocrystal coat
Filter accessory size: 67mm
Weight: Estimate 470 g
Focus: Automatic, manual
Accessories provided: LC-67B 67mm snap-on front lens cap, LF-N1 rear lens cap, HB-91 bayonet lens hood, CL-C1 lens case

Nikon Z 85mm f / Opinions 1.8 S. 1

Average sharpness on the Nikon Z 85mm f / 1.8 S is very impressive, giving surprisingly sharp results

Average sharpness on the Nikon Z 85mm f / 1.8 S is very impressive, giving surprisingly sharp results

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Build and manage

Nikon Z 85mm f / 1.8 S sturdy and robust. Although you can't call it compact, we're pretty happy with the size and it's not too difficult for us. There is a switch that changes the lens from Automatic to Manual, which is quite pleasant to use and feels difficult.

Taking over a third of the lens, the focus ring is well made and easy to use. Interestingly, you can change the focus ring to control exposure or aperture compensation, perfect for cameramen who need stepless aperture control! You can determine what you really want the focus ring on the camera to control.

Minimum Focus Distance 0.8 I mean you have to be far enough away to focus

Minimum Focus Distance 0.8 I mean you have to be far enough away to focus

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While some people may be disappointed that this lens is not reduced to f / 1.4, Nikon will probably decide not to add half to the light termination because this lens is already quite heavy. However, while the Z 85mm f / 1.8 S weighs 470g, making it heavier than the weight of its DSLR, 350g, it feels balanced in the body of the Nikon Z7.

With your left hand resting under the lens, you can achieve a more user-friendly experience and reduce strain on your wrist. However, it is clearly more than possible to shoot a hand if it is actually tilted.


Weighing almost 100g heavier than its DSLR equivalents, it can be forgiven for being a bit confused with the Nikon Z 85mm f / 1.8 S. Mirrorless lenses are designed to be smaller and lighter than their DSLR counterparts, to that may seem contradictory. that this lens is very heavy

However, the explanation for its weight is simple: Z 85mm f / 1.8 image quality just fantastic. No distortion or actual vignetting, this lens is very nice to shoot. So sharp that it can tear up your eyes and focus autofocus quickly, this lens deserves to be the place of honor in every professional Z-mount kit bag.

Focusing with Nikon Z 85mm f / 1.8 S fast and accurate

Focusing with Nikon Z 85mm f / 1.8 S fast and accurate

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Also, while recognized as more expensive than the DSLR version, the Nikon Z 85mm f / 1.8 S is actually pretty cheap for a Z-mount lens for £ 799. In fact, the only cheaper lens is 50mm f / 1.8 for £ 529 and 35mm f / 1.8 for £ 749. For context, if you want to buy 24-70mm f / 2.8 you will be returned for £ 2,000 it is great.

All in all, it is a pleasure to photograph this lens and we can feel our fingers itching towards our wallet in temptation when we use it.

Lab test


Nikon Z 85mm f / Opinions 1.8 S. 2

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The sharpness of the center is very good throughout the aperture range, although from f / 2.8 to f / 8 nothing less than phenomenal. The sharpness of the angular frame is not high enough, but it is still very impressive.


Nikon Z 85mm f / Opinions 1.8 S. 3

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As you would expect to get high quality priming with this focal length, chromatic aberration is very minimal and you won't find any edges in real-world use.

Distortion: -0.1

We wouldn't expect much distortion from the 85mm main lens, and the Nikon Z 85mm f / 1.8 da, resulting in an almost distortion-free image.


If you have a Nikon Z camera and are photographing, weddings, or events, you may seriously consider purchasing this lens. The only criticism we can think of is small objections that don't really matter. Yes, it would be nice if it was a little lighter. And yes, wouldn't it be surprising if it had a maximum aperture of f / 1.4.

We would really recommend the Nikon Z 85mm f / 1.8 S to every Z mount photographer

We would really recommend the Nikon Z 85mm f / 1.8 S to every Z mount photographer

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However, solving this "problem" is ignorance. This is the best lens and any photographer will be lucky to have it in their bag. The sharpness of the medium does not hurt, while the sharpness of the corner is also very impressive. Almost distortion-free, this glass is a fantastic portrait lens and we believe it will be a huge hit with Z-mount users.

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