Nintendo secrets related to the Wii and other consoles were revealed

by Kelvin
Nintendo secrets related to the Wii and other consoles were revealed 1

What has been leaked?

For now, it looks like the whole packet shared across the network is over 2 TBHowever, it is expected that more data will be disclosed, which we will see if it is more sensitive. Among the details that have been seen in thousands of published files, the Wii source code certainly stands out, some files that reveal how the console works in great detail and will work to find out some of Nintendo's intricacies when it comes to expanding their console.

Among all the published information, the most striking things to look for are:

  • Sector source code is 0/1/2
  • Diagrams and data sheets of each internal component include verilog for AES / SHA
  • BroadOn documentation with details of future plans and implementation, with API and internal software documentation.
  • SDK and complete source code of Wii operating system (iOS)
  • Document on system implementation from 2004 to 2006
  • Source code of some Wii SDK libraries (DVD, EXI)
  • Source code and system manufacturing information
  • Various internal Nintendo information documents
  • A special version for manufacturers that lets you run codes from SD cards on the Wii
  • Nintendo's internal presentation point

Also, among the files are several demo compilations made to show the potential of Nintendo 64. The demo has been compiled and run on emulators to see what they are hiding. The result, as you can see, is a simple demonstration of a polygonal figure and a simple game to show the graphic power of what will become the new Nintendo console.

Where did that information come from?

It looks like all the information has been taken from the server from BroadOn, a company that Nintendo typically partners with when it comes to hardware. Given that they are responsible for the console's manufacture, it's not unusual to find out now that they have very sensitive information related to the intestines of the device.

Origin of Nintendo's friend code

Among other things, something is known about it because of this huge leak related to Nintendo's network partner code. As you know, when adding new friends to our network of contacts, we must enter a personal, non-transferable number of each player we want to add.

These numbers are usually annoying to players, as they are difficult to memorize and may not be useful for sharing with other users. But which one of Nintendo's ideas came up with this idea? Apparently, when designing Nintendo's online network, companies discarded traditional usernames because they were confused when writing them and often frustrated when they found out that you were busy.

These factors, according to Nintendo, affect the wonderful experience that the company is trying to convey with its philosophy, so they choose to use simple numbers that are completely private and only work for this function. Happy?

What can happen after this leak

Currently, collateral damages, although they are substantial, do not affect the current direction of the company. There are no details that are harmful to the current platform, so it should be noted how well Wii source code releases affect current and future Nintendo console development.

Nowadays the scene people are rubbing their hands, because with this kind of information they can bring to life many projects that are hitherto blocked by certain limitations, although that obviously won't change the validity of the case in these cases. The worst part of all of this was that Nintendo was hit hard by their hacking on many of their online service accounts, inviting users to activate multiple authentication on their account to strengthen their security.

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