Nintendo Switch: insider hints at what the console will gain in 2020

by Kelvin
Nintendo Switch: insider hints at what the console will gain in 2020

Industry expert Emily Rogers posted a coded message to her official account. Twitter, revealing what can be achieved for the Nintendo Switch still this year.

His message includes some important points: first – “good year to be a plumber”, which means we can look forward to some new Mario games; and second – “an INSANE year to play old games again”, which means we can expect more HD remastered games and remakes.

Read the full message below:


“My general expectations for the Switch in this year:

  • Good year to be a plumber;
  • Solid year to be an RPG fan. (Xenoblade, BravelyDefault2);
  • INSANE year to re-play old games (HD remasters, deluxe ports, remakes);
  • Decent year for more casual games. (“AC = casual” – was she, referring to games from the Assassin’s Creed franchise?).”

Translating some of the rumors, we can expect big news for Mario, amazing new RPGs and more ports of old games (like the big Metroid Prime Trilogy HD rumor, which has been circulating for a while) or support for other Nintendo consoles (like Nintendo 64 or Game Cube, something very requested).

Well, we can only wait for more information soon, to know if everything she indicated will come true. What do you think?

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