Nintendo Switch: You can now download a free clone of Angry Birds!

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Nintendo Switch: You can now download a free clone of Angry Birds!

If you are a fan of the legendary Angry Birds and have a Nintendo Switch 'by hand', you can now download for free from "Angry Bunnies". From its name, to the look of the whole scenery and game mechanics, this is a clear clone of the mythical game of Rovio.

Although this is such an obvious clone of Angry Birds, this is not the first time we have seen Angry Bunnies reach Nintendo platforms, but it has also been available for 3DS and Wii U. However, this is the first time that it is coming. be made available absolutely free.

If you install Angry Bunnies, it's probably just because it's free.

Although this is a blatant copy of Angry Birds, it is far from offering the same level of quality. The graphics are much more rudimentary and the levels were not developed in such a meticulous way. Still, considering this is a free version, you don't miss a thing before you make a final judgment.

Angry Bunnies offers players a total of 180 levels, which according to the studio guarantee several hours of fun. However, if you are a hardcore fan of Angry Birds, shearing will not be a worthy alternative. But unfortunately for the Nintendo Switch, you won't find better.


Could Angry Birds eventually reach the Nintendo Switch?

Although this is an extremely popular game, Rovio's big bet has always been on the Android and iOS platforms, developing their games exclusively with the smartphones.

To date, no intention has ever been revealed to bring any of its titles to the popular Nintendo Switch, although this presents itself as an excellent platform. Even so, we cannot rule out the possibility that Rovio will change his mind in the future and decide to Switch as an alternative platform for your games.

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