Nintendo will launch the SNES command to Switch


The iconic SNlem command can be started immediately to Nintendo Switch, As indicated in ResetEra. Forum users have found a control image in the note FCC (Federal Communications Commission) that shows ID with the letter "HAC", a very common name in hybrid consoles and official accessories.

However, the document has been labeled confidential with effect until next year, so Nintendo may not disclose details for the rest of 2019. In recent months, various reports have revealed that The company plans to release several classic console games on the Internet. Switchincluded The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Super mario world Y Super mario kartamong others


So far, the FCC document is the most reliable proof that Nintendo plans to revive its classic title catalog on its current hardware. Remember that on the date 20 September Switch Lite, smaller proposals that claim to be a phenomenon in sales thanks to the price: 200 dollars – 200 euros in Spain and $ 5,999 in Mexico.

Expanding the offer of games available will be a key move to attract the attention of consumers. Also, it could be fuel Nintendo Switch Online should take off, because the subscription does not yet have the expected reception. At that time, the virtual Wii console, Wii U and 3DS were successful since its launch, the company said. I don't want to lose nostalgia In the current generation.

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