No longer]Because the Galaxy Note10 has a steel chassis?

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No longer]Because the Galaxy Note10 has a steel chassis?

???? UPDATE 10/8/19 1:04: It's not stainless steel

Yesterday we saw a video of Samsung in YouTube where the company claimed that the Galaxy Note10 had a stainless steel frame.

This was something that, in part, surprised us since the company did not mention it during its presentation of the phone, but it did not sound crazy because Apple He did the same a couple of years ago.

However, despite what the video says and even the Samsung website, the framework of the Galaxy Note10 is not stainless steel but aluminum. This information comes from Samsung itself, which has confirmed this fact to The Verge.


We do not know if this ruling is due to the fact that the company changed its mind at the last moment or someone misunderstood the information, but what we know is that Samsung has hidden the original video of YouTube and has raised it again without any mention of the use of stainless steel.

Original video:

New video:

In short, the Samsung framework Galaxy Note10 is made of aluminum, making it less resistant to falls than the stainless steel of the iPhone X or iPhone XS. In return, aluminum withstands scratches better, so the chassis of your Galaxy Note10 will look brighter and polished for longer.

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The new family Galaxy Samsung Note10 has already been officially presented and, among other sections, stands out for its design with minimal frames surrounding the screen and a high screen-to-body ratio.

One aspect that has gone unnoticed by most is that Samsung has stopped using aluminum for the chassis of the Galaxy Note10 / 10+ in favor of stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a material highly resistant to corrosion and looks very attractive when polished However, its most important feature and why it has been chosen by Samsung is that it is very resistant.

The mechanical strength of stainless steel far exceeds that of most aluminum alloys, making it the preferred material for products that must meet high durability: luxury watches, auto parts and, in our case, smartphones first quality.

In comparison with aluminum, stainless steel resists shock and torsion better.

No longer]Because the Galaxy Note10 has a steel chassis? 1

However, not all benefits. Stainless steel is heavier and it is more complicated to apply color. The heat conducts worse and, in addition, scratches are more visible on its surface.

The main reason why manufacturers prefer aluminum, however, is the cost of the product and its molding, which is much lower than steel.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 is not the first smartphone that uses steel in its construction. Apple replaced aluminum with stainless steel with the iPhone X of 2017, and the latest iPhone XS / XS Max also make use of this material – not the iPhone XR that uses aluminum.

Therefore, if you are thinking of getting the Samsung Galaxy Note10, you can sleep a little quieter knowing that it will better withstand blows and falls.

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